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                                                   TERMS and CONDITIONS

The following Terms and Conditions of Hire apply to the hire of all Old School Cruises vehicles when booked using Old School Cruises booking procedures.


Any part or full payment made to Old School Cruises requesting a hire, deems that you have read and agree to all Old School Cruises  Terms and Conditions of Hire. Any booking with Old School Cruises must be ‘PAID TO BE MADE’. We do not hold bookings without payment, as specified by Old School Cruises  .
A booking will be confirmed by email after the required information is correctly provided and a booking fee, full cost and has been provided as specified to . A tax invoice will be provided. This booking may also be cancelled by Old School Cruises if a future payment, or other requirement/s as in a documented request by Old School Cruises , are not met. Where Old School Cruises  cancels  a booking because subsequent payments/requirements have not been made/met as requested, no refund of prior payments up to 1/3 of the total quoted cost of the hire or credit will be given. Payments/credits used to reserve a vehicle are not normally transferable nor refundable .Old School Cruises  may, solely at our discretion, choose to transfer or not to transfer any payment made for a specific booking to another date or time.


When incomplete booking information is provided to Old School Cruises  or where extra information is requested by Old School Cruises  or payment is delayed for any reason – A vehicle will NOT be secured for the proposed/requested hire. A confirmation of booking document must be issued by Old School Cruises for a booking to be secure. Old School Cruises takes many different types of bookings.

Any booking made with Old School Cruises may be cancelled with a full refund less a $40.00 administration fee  within 2 days (48 hours) of the confirmation time of the initial booking, provided the cancellation takes place outside the no refund period/s as specified below.



Cancellation of booking within 72 hours of booked pickup time = NO REFUND.
Cancellation outside of 72 hours of booked pickup day/time = REFUND less $40.00 as the cancellation fee.
Transfer of the booking to a later date will be at Old School Cruises discretion depending on vehicle availability and other factors. $40.00 fee applies.


We reserve the right for our Chauffeur/Driver to terminate any booking during the hire period, should he/she deem this necessary, with NO REFUND.
We will not tolerate:
– Illegal activities, including but not limited to body parts protruding outside the vehicle, drug taking, underage drinking, overloading, illegal transport of children etc.
– Behaviour where the Chauffeur feels that they personally or the vehicle are being abused or that they or the vehicle may be harmed or damaged
– Any demand to the Chauffeur to operate the vehicle illegally or outside Old School Cruises  Operational Guidelines will result in immediate cancellation of the hire.


If the hirer or passengers exhibit unruly behaviour in our vehicles or insist that the vehicle is be operated in a manner which is illegal or outside Old School Cruises Operational Guidelines, our Chauffeur may stop the vehicle immediately, notify the owner/manager of Old School Cruises who may terminate the hire. If the hire is terminated by our Chauffeur upon instruction of the Old School Cruises owner/manager, no refund will be offered, no further service will be provided. All passengers will be required to leave the vehicle immediately.


The total number of passengers is not to exceed the amount as stated on the Australian Design Rule Compliance for the vehicle. Your chauffeur will not overload the vehicle. ‘Overloading’ is both ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS.


Hire overrun: Is time used past the booked service time as stated on your confirmation document. All hire overrun is chargeable in 0.25 hour increments at our standard hourly rate for the vehicle/s providing the service. Any extra service agreed to be provided by Old School Cruises  will always be subject to vehicle availability at the required time.
Extra hire time: requested during a hire will be charged at the current applicable rate. However, Old School Cruises reserves the right to decline to provide extra hire time on the day, should this effect prior booked work for the vehicle/driver.
Wait time: past the booked pick up time, including but not limited to, late flights, delays caused by a customer past the booked pick up time where the hire time must be extended past the expected finish time to complete the job, is chargeable at standard hourly wait time rates.
Old School Cruises  reserves the right to cancel any booking where the delay in picking up/starting a job results in the time extension required to complete the job affecting our ability to provide service for a later booking.


Changes can be requested to any confirmed booking. These will be provided by Old School Cruises  if we are able to provide the service/s requested, without effecting subsequent bookings. Any extra cost involved will be charged to the card used to make the original booking. A change to any confirmed hire will attract an administration fee of $40.00, per change plus any extra charges as may be determined by Old School Cruises . A detailed tax invoice will be provided.


Requested changes to any booking after the booked pick up time must be referred to the business owner/manager of Old School Cruises . Changes may or may not be allowed, totally at Old School Cruises discretion. The person making the original booking will be notified of extra charges (if applicable) and will be advised that these charges will be confirmed by txt/email and processed from a funds transfer / cash at end of the booking. Making a verbal arrangement with a driver to alter a booking is outside Old School Cruises  Operational Guidelines. Changes made to a hire without notifying the business owner/manager of Old School Cruises may be cancelled at any time, without notice, and may result in the hire being terminated.


As per Vic Roads requirements, all children under 7 years old MUST be in the appropriate child safety seating. Children under 4 years old must be in the appropriate Forward or Rearward Facing Seat.
It is absolutely the hirer’s responsibility to notify Old School Cruises of any intention to transport children in our vehicles at the time of making a booking. A surcharge will apply for all child safety seating provided and fitted by Old School Cruises . Because our vehicles are historical, all Child safety seating MUST be supplied by Old School Cruises and fitted to our vehicles by Old School Cruises staff – as in many cases the seating required is specific to the vehicle.


By entering a vehicle provided by Old School Cruises the hirer accepts that the vehicle is undamaged and that they will be held solely responsible for any damage that occurs during the hire period that is caused by the passengers or their actions. Damages to vehicles as a result of neglect or mistreatment by passengers will be charged to the HIRER (HIRER is the person who has made the booking ). This includes any damages such as, but not limited to, marks/burns/tears in/on upholstery or fittings, stains from spillages, theft or abuse to the vehicle either inside or out. Missing/broken glasses will be charged.



We welcome bringing food and drink to consume OUTSIDE our vehicles
We specifically request that you do not bring food to consume in our vehicles. see Note 14. Cleaning Fees – below.
Please do not bring Red wine, (or any red fluid) shots or any type of cask into our vehicles.
At all times, we reserve the right to restrict the quantity and type of fluids or alcohol brought into our vehicle.


A cleaning fee, as determined by Old School Cruises (base fee is $550.00) is payable immediately by the hirer, if any individual or group causes a vehicle to become so soiled as to require major cleaning before the vehicle can proceed to its next booking.
‘Vomiting’ in any of our vehicles will result in the base cleaning fee being charged to the hirer, as a minimum cost and other charges may apply.
If the vehicle is delayed in taking its next booking as a consequence, the hirer will be charged the standard hourly rates until the vehicle can resume normal work activities, plus any and all other charges which may apply as a consequence. This may include the hire cost of replacement vehicles


Our historic vehicles are not designed nor intended for off sealed road use. We do not use our vehicles on unmade or poor quality roads.
Old School Cruises reserves the right to refuse to take any vehicle off sealed/bitumen surfaces. Any discussion of this decision is to take place between Old School Cruises  management and the hiring party. Attempts to coerce a Chauffeur to take a vehicle off sealed roads during a hire will be viewed in a very dim light and the booking may be terminated instantly by Old School Cruises management.


Old School Cruises does not charge for delays caused to the delivery of our services which are beyond our/your control. Specific examples include but are not limited to road works, bad weather/driving conditions, traffic congestion. Old School Cruises can not be held responsible for delays in delivery of booked services due to unforeseen events such as, unsafe driving conditions caused by the weather, poor or dangerous road conditions/road works or traffic congestion.


All Old School Cruises vehicles are regularly checked and serviced to the required standards.
In the event that an Old School Cruises vehicle is involved in an accident or experiences a mechanical failure prior to the commencement of a hire, Old School Cruises  will make arrangements, wherever and however possible, to provide service for the hirer. Old School Cruises  will not be held liable in the event of mechanical breakdown or an accident which causes delays in service being provided to a hirer. Old School Cruises may, at its sole discretion determine the onward method of travel after any event which makes our vehicle unable to provide service.


These terms and conditions may be changed at any time, without notice, by Old School Cruises  and are deemed to be accepted in full, if a payment is made to Old School Cruises  for the hire of any Chauffeur driven vehicle. All hire arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions in place, ie, as displayed on this website www.oldschoolcruises.com.au  at the date and time that the service is provided.


19. COSTING OF SERVICES – PROVIDED by Old School Cruises at a later date: Estimated costs provided by Old School Cruises for future services are valid for 30 days from the date provided.
Where a booking is made, for any date in the future, but is inside the 30 day period, the price is locked in, provided that there are no changes to the original service provision requirements.
Old School Cruises reserves the right to re-cost any job where our costing is more than 30 days old or where service provision requirements have been altered from those provided for the original costing.

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